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SAP Cloud Platform – accelerates your business


Digital transformation is changing the world of Business and IT, removing technology restraints and enabling businesses to become truly agile, efficient and innovative.

To keep ahead businesses will need to have the tools and capability to perform in this fast moving, personalised and connected world. Many businesses already benefit from SAP Business Suite, deploying ERP, SRM and other tools like portals and mobile apps. But now SAP Cloud Platform gives you future-proofed digital capability, such as Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analysis, Internet of Things, to run agile business applications that will ensure you have the competitive edge.

About SAP Cloud Platform

SOA People is a leading Platinum SAP Partner with world-class technology capability. We leverage the power of SAP Cloud Platform to provide the full range of application development services and capabilities for your entire organisation.

SAP Cloud Platform is a single Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) which let us help you achieve business agility, create a truly integrated and optimized enterprise, and accelerate digital transformation across the business.

With our proven methodology, track record and professional approach we will work with you to extend, innovate and build apps – and integrate with other systems – all within SAP Cloud Platform. We will give you:

40 to 50 % decrease

in your app development costs

50 to 75 % reduction

in your development time

20 to 25 % decrease

in your TCO

Main SAP Cloud Platform services and features

SOA People has the capability to deliver the SAP portfolio end to end; and our customers continuously look to us for the right SAP solution. With SAP Cloud Platform we can help you with:

User experience

Deliver personalised, interactive and simple user interfaces

Internet of Things

Quickly develop, deploy and manage real-time IoT apps with connected sensors to enhance business productivity


Securely integrate your cloud and on premise apps


Deliver customised mobile apps for business users


Securely access and share business content with other people

Advanced Analytics

Embed advanced analytics into your solutions and gain real-time insight

Business services

Calculations locally, translation of your web site, other services based on SAP functionality

Data and Storage

Store the information you need for analytics

SAP Cloud Platform in Action

At SOA People we give you the perfect mix of methodology, project management and competent consultants. Read our Success Stories and discover how we helped two of our customers – Newtec and The Sting – to achieve their own digital transformation:

To the Success Stories

Advanced Planning Board

The graphical planning tool for resource planning in the SAP Cloud Platform

Redefining the concept of enterprise resource planning for the 21st century, SOA People unites software and people to transform your business in real-time. That’s why SOA People developed its Advanced Planning Board (APB), a unique resource planning tool to help you maximise the potential of your ERP processes within the SAP Cloud Platform. Our APB is fully integrated with SAP Cloud Platform and supports human resource planning and tooling across services, maintenance and projects. It provides an efficient and centralised tool for your operational planners and gives you an easy-to-use graphical user experience.


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