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SAP SuccessFactors – taking performance to another level

From hire to retire: align, optimise and accelerate the talent in your business

It’s not enough to improve efficiency in HR processes. You’ve got to drive it through your entire employee population.

Even when a company develops the right strategy, there’s no guarantee it will lead to results. Building more efficient HR processes is only the beginning. Strategy must lead to action that increases growth, efficiency, productivity and profit. People make all the difference in any organisation. With the right people focussed on the right goals, a business can unlock its full potential. Poor, unfocused execution holds back too many companies. Too few employees are working in a way that really advances your business strategy. Using world-class technology, SuccessFactors offers customers the best cloud-based business solutions available, including talent management, core HR, collaboration, and workforce analytics.

Speak to SOA People, and learn firsthand how to:

  • Align your workforce with your strategy and get your people working on the right tasks
  • Optimise performance across your organisation as you find the right people and make them great
  • Accelerate business results with the insight you need to run your business better

SAP SuccessFactors features end-to-end solutions for:

  • Core HR Administration
  • Recruitment
  • Employee Performance
  • Competency Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Learning and development
  • Succession

About SAP SuccessFactors

Why is SAP SuccessFactors different? Unlike other HRIS vendors, SAP SuccessFactors offers more than process efficiency and transactional cost savings. Both large enterprise and small to mid-size businesses can use the full suite of talent solutions, core HR, collaboration, and workforce analytics to improve productivity and engage, retain, and motivate employees. And, as an SAP company with world-class technology under the hood, SAP SuccessFactors is positioned to provide end-to-end integrated business solutions that address the biggest business challenges companies face.

  • Improve strategic alignment: When you close the gap between strategy and execution, you can see a 5.5 percent increase in time spent on strategic priorities.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity: An optimised workforce can lead to a 14 percent increase in project completion, a more than 5 percent increase in productivity, and a 4.9 percent increase in high performers – numbers that go straight to your bottom line.
  • Accelerate business results: On average, SAP SuccessFactors customers added 1 percent of revenue back to profit.

SAP SuccessFactors in Action

At SOA People we give you the perfect mix of methodology, project management and competent consultants. Read our Success Stories and discover how we helped two of our customers – „Unbranded“ and Enovos – to achieve their own digital transformation:

To the Success Stories

Dispelling the myths of HR Digital Transformation

Digital transformation affects everyone – from individuals and working methods, through to management and corporate culture. HR is at the heart of this evolution. But the risk of not embarking on a digital journey because of various fears may be preventing you from accessing next-generation technology. We want to help you dispel your fears and myths with SAP SuccessFactors.

Myth: An HR Information System (HRIS) project requires a lot of process and planning over several months.

Reality: At a time when everyone’s talking about HR digitization, the prospect of drawn-out and costly planning phases can prevent many companies from making the change. With SAP SuccessFactors, you don’t have to worry about planning. Thanks to pre-configured content that is based on the best practices of thousands of companies around the world, we enable you to seamlessly bring your solution straight through to go live.

Myth: An ideal HRIS system replicates existing internal processes..

Reality: Implementing a solution that is based on your current processes is a mistake. The flexibility and agility of an organisation are essential factors of successful growth in the face of constant change but your internal processes are not necessarily adapting to that change in the same ways. Opting for a solution based on the best practices of an HRIS like SAP SuccessFactors allows you to implement optimized processes and scale to adapt continuously.

Myth: The ergonomics of an HRIS solution are not essential. The focus should be on price and functional coverage.

Reality: It is true that until now, the ergonomics of an HRIS solution were not on the agenda, being used primarily by HR administrators. But today employees and managers are using these tools more, for example to manage their time or enroll in training. It is therefore critical that the system is intuitive to allow automated processes and allow HR to incorporate other higher-value tasks. SAP SuccessFactors benefits from Web 2.0 best practices.

Myth: We don’t need to make a big investment in an HRIS solution when we can continue to manage our existing processes manually without the need for a big investment in technology.

Reality: The HRIS solution is no longer a source of cost but a source of profit! An SME is perfectly capable, irrespective of its size and activity sector, of purchasing a leading HRIS like SAP SuccessFactors at a modified cost. When implemented by SOA People the return on investment can be swift and goes beyond data storage and administrative transactions, which enables clients to accompany their growth with specific indicators.

Myth: Once the HR Information System is deployed we are dependent on the implementation partner for updates and changes on the system and this would involve ongoing costs.

Reality: SAP has integrated strong technological advances over the last few years which have enabled user friendly interfaces and simplified functionalities for all users. With SAP SuccessFactors, you do not need a third party to maintain and evolve your HRIS. After implementation you will be perfectly positioned to regain full control of the solution without prior knowledge or any particular competencies.


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