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Successfully structure your future with SAP solutions from cormeta

Decisive competitive advantages and sustainable growth

With the SAP software solutions for SMEs from cormeta, you’re more than just one significant step ahead of the competition: You’ve got all your processes in your sights at all times and have access to up-to-the-minute data. So you can make safe decisions faster in order to successfully exploit your company’s potential in the long term and to create the perfect conditions for a future that is dominated by growth. Find the SAP solution that you can use to optimally achieve your corporate goals with us!


If you want to get there first, you have to start faster!

Your business: real people, real decisions, real consequences

SAP S/4HANA from cormeta enables you to make business-relevant decisions from anywhere – in real time: Instead of the hard drive, the in-memory computing solution uses the computer’s random access memory, which can be accessed much more quickly, for data storage. This revolutionary principle gives performance an enormous boost and offers you effective advantages:

Data analysis in real time

SAP S/4HANA by cormeta provides you with all the key basic data such as real-time reports, granular evaluations, real-time calculations and much more besides at the touch of a button. Analyzing your data in real time not only allows you to meet forward-looking market requirements faster, but enables you to do so on the basis of sound factual data too. 

Time for real time, where every second pays off for you. We are more than happy to provide you with comprehensive advice relating to SAP S/4HANA.


Find out how much potential your company has

Gain deeper insights and secure more shares of the market

Knowledge is success – and business intelligence is your key to it: SAP BusinessObjects is the powerful business intelligence solution for SMEs that would like to optimize their business processes, tap into new shares of the market and create competitive advantages:

The software, which can be completely integrated, meets virtually all requirements made of a contemporary business intelligence solution – such as operational reporting, flexible ad-hoc inquiries, and clear visualization options for data that can be compiled from different sources. So you and your employees have a continuous insight into all of your company’s processes, key performance indicators and reports – up-to-the-minute on desktop PCs and mobile end devices.

Make the most of your knowledge of your company’s potential. Use our know-how to create sector and company-specific financial, sales, purchasing, production and service analyses with SAP BusinessObjects. 


Excellent prospects for efficiency and flexibility

Effective opportunities for success condense in the cloud

Nowadays, the economy is characterized by swift, constant change. The SAP Cloud solutions provide you with the necessary flexibility and certainty to keep pace with these changes in an agile and innovative manner.

You decide which areas of your company you would like to structure even more efficiently with our cloud solutions: Sales, Finance, Purchasing and HR can be placed in the cloud on their own, in an individually compiled way or in a complete package. TRADEsprint, FOODsprint and PHARMAsprint, the cormeta sector-specific solutions, can be ideally supplemented with cloud-based applications. In this regard, each solution can be scaled in an unlimited way to suit your company’s specific requirements. 

The SAP Cloud solutions are secure, always up-to-date and are ready for operation on mobile devices and on desktop PCs – all you need is Internet access. Typical IT costs for operation, maintenance, updates and security are omitted. Instead, you benefit from the know-how and the attractive conditions that cormeta offers you in relation to the SAP Cloud solutions. 


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