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FOODsprint – the flexible SAP Business All-In-One solution for the food industry

Strict regulations on preserving food safety, complete traceability, transformation in nutritional and market trends: Companies from the food industry are faced with new challenges on a daily basis. An IT solution that “looks over the rim of a teacup” and sees the bigger picture because it offers maximum flexibility and profitability in each and every situation is the recipe for success for a successful future. FOODsprint, the SAP Business All-in-One solution, is specifically tailored to the dynamic needs of the food industry and is individually adapted to your company’s requirements.

Advantages for your company from the food industry:

With FOODsprint, cormeta has developed a software solution that paves the way for your company to achieve sustainable growth and success. Have a taster of the advantages that FOODsprint offers you in this regard:

  • Minimized stock levels and complete transparency in financial management ensure an optimized cash flow and higher margins
  • Optimized business processes lead to cost reductions and risk optimization
  • Comprehensive analysis tools guarantee faster and safer decision-making capabilities
  • Complete mapping of all corporate functions enables optimized quality management
  • Satisfaction of all legal requirements due to consideration of safety guidelines according to the FDA / IFS, GMP and HACCP
  • Simplification of the reporting requirement due to automatic commodity tracing in certain product batches and delivery of batches to certain customers
  • Satisfaction of the documentation requirement for all ingredients
  • Possibility of connecting a laboratory information and management system


FOODsprint is preconfigured for the typical “specialties” found in the food industry: The high-performance enterprise software covers all the relevant areas. Companies from the different segments of this branch of industry thus benefit from more transparency, flexibility and investment security.

  • Confectionery
  • Baked goods and snacks
  • Convenience / deli / frozen products
  • Meat products and canned foods
  • Mill and egg products
  • Beverage industry and wine sector

Your interface to the future:

With FOODsprint, you’re always up-to-date with the latest technical standards and the marketplace and legislative specifications. FOODsprint is programmed to the requirements of the future and thus ensures that your company immediately and sustainably exploits all available potential for growth:

  • Integration of SAP solutions for corporate management, business intelligence, in-memory computing, cloud computing, FIR, PLM, recipe management and so on at any time
  • FOODsprint is available on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets via the app
  • Addition to the range of functions due to cormeta’s very own solutions for remaining time and confirmation of arrival, among other things, plus addition to the range of functions due to cormeta’s very own credit management add-ons 

All the core processes in a single system:

FOODsprint is the business software solution that is comprehensively integrated across all operating divisions. Its wide range of services supports all product-relevant processes that are customary in the trade – for meeting the legal requirements that are valid in the industry and for complete batch traceability:

Products always arrive on the market fresh and on time – supply bottlenecks and non-availability are now a thing of the past thanks to cross-process planning with FOODsprint. From procurement to the product, you’ve got an overview of everything:

  • Sales and profit
  • Demand forecasts and capacities for production
  • Material requirements and liquidity

With FOODsprint, your material is always available for production in good time – and you know where it’s coming to you from too. You’re also up-to-date at all times when it comes to commodity prices and can effectively harness any potential to make savings:

  • Procurement cockpit for simplified material scheduling
  • Supplier evaluations and returns
  • Framework agreements and invoice verification

Cater for every taste with FOODsprint: From just-in-time availability to recipe developments that cater to tomorrow’s preferences today, your products always meet current nutritional trends and the budgets of increasingly discerning consumers:

  • Optimized BBD management (remaining time)
  • Allergens / nutritional values / organic and green certificates
  • Production control

FOODsprint enables efficient warehouse management: Instead of tying up capital unnecessarily on account of having too many goods in stock, you benefit from a precise overview of your flow of volumes and values. You know exactly when a batch of commodities has to be available for a certain process order:

  • Incoming goods forecast
  • Mobile storage control
  • Storage location management

Proper transport of your products is guaranteed with FOODsprint: From the exact number of packages and the volume and weight of shipping materials, to settlement, your delicacies don’t just reach your customers in a tasty condition; they are transported on the best dispatch routes too:

  • Trips / routes and connection to the shipping company
  • EAN-128 label
  • Order-picking and automatic packaging

In FOODsprint, all the supply chain and financial processes are available at the touch of a button. So you can keep an eye on consumer, trade and competition behavior at the same time – and thus act even quicker and more effectively than before in sales in the future:

  • Processing – from the inquiry to the order
  • Sales cockpit
  • Foreign trade

Complete batch traceability gives you a clear competitive edge: FOODsprint allows you to prove the origin, production, further processing and delivery of your commodities, intermediate products and finished products across all levels of production. And you even automatically meet all the national and international guidelines too:

  • Batch cockpit
  • Batch search strategy, batch sorting, batch traceability

Correct information leads to the correct strategic decisions. Which is why FOODsprint provides all the data in a suitable format. You can reliably plan and build on your company’s development using this sound information as a basis:


  • Ledger with balance sheet / P&L, IFRS valuation, cash journal, etc.
  • Assets accounting with appreciations in value, integrated assets under construction, depreciation simulation, etc.
  • Bank and cash management with accounting transaction cockpit, liquidity forecast, SEPA, etc.


  • Product cost planning
  • Process cost evaluations
  • P&L statement

Member of:

SG – Sweets Global Network e.V., Munich

With more than 300 member companies from ten countries, SWEETS GLOBAL NETWORK e.V. (SG), the international confectionery trade association, is the established network and the leading communication platform for all confectionery experts in the German-speaking region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and beyond. 

ZDS – Central College of the German Confectionery Industry, Solingen

Founded in 1951, the ZDS enjoys worldwide renown as a training and further training institute for all sectors of the confectionery industry.


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