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TRADEsprint – the flexible SAP Business All-In-One solution for the technical (wholesale) trade

Globalization and customer advisory services on site, cost pressure, deadline pressure and competitive pressure: Trading companies have to meet requirements that grow continuously on a daily basis and that are subject to rapid change. An IT solution that provides your trading company with clear competitive advantages, increases profitability for the future and guarantees maximum flexibility is crucial. With TRADEsprint, the SAP Business All-In-One sector-specific solution, cormeta has developed a piece of software with precisely these qualities. TRADEsprint is perfectly tailored to the special needs of trade and is adapted to your company’s individual requirements.

Advantages for your trading company

With TRADEsprint®, cormeta ag stands for the efficient and sustainable growth of your company. Make the most of the advantages we’re offering you:

  • Optimized cash flow and higher margins due to minimized stock levels and absolute transparency in financial management
  • Shortened delivery times and higher levels of customer satisfaction due to timely, reliable item and customer information
  • Optimized quality management due to comprehensive coverage of all corporate functions 
  • Cost reduction and risk minimization due to optimized business processes
  • Optimized administrative work in the case of procurement, scheduling, delivery and in finance
  • Continuously organized, transparently mapped supply chain due to linking materials management and accounting
  • Clear, reliable information for increased exploitation of existing customers’ potential
  • Identification of potential new customers and increase in customer acquisition opportunities
  • Faster and safer decision-making capabilities due to comprehensive analysis tools that can be used on mobile devices
  • Significant reduction in introduction times and costs due to sector-specific default settings


The TRADEsprint enterprise software is as powerful as it is a safe investment. It covers all the relevant areas and usual processes of the technical (wholesale) trade. It therefore provides companies from the sector’s various segments with more flexibility, responsiveness and transparency for a successful future:

With TRADEsprint, you can really step on the gas when it comes to turnover, planning reliability and success:

  • Expanded stock list with automotive-specific feature fields, e.g. fields for manufacturer, manufacturer parts number, OE number, spare parts number, etc.
  • Vehicle master with maintenance schedule function and automatic vehicle identification using key numbers
  • Individual service items with price suggestion for assembly, inspection, repair, etc.
  • Separate treatment of old and replacement parts for VAT purposes

TRADEsprint for the tire trade shows a high profile when it comes to the growth of your company:

  • Expanded stock list with tire and rim-specific feature fields, e.g. manufacturer, range, width, diameter, load-bearing capacity, speed index, hole circle, offset, tread
  • Vehicle master with maintenance schedule function and automatic identification of technical vehicle data using key numbers
  • Individual service items with service prices for assembly, balancing, putting into storage, etc.
  • Complete wheel advice: Tires, rims and services displayed as a package offer
  • Putting tires into storage and removing tires from storage: Automatic identification of free space, allocation to license plates and owners

TRADEsprint allows you to produce power for your company from increasing turnover and success:

  • Expanded stock list with price management
  • Management of order backlogs
  • Connection to field service
  • Export handling
  • Connection to courier services and shipping companies

Industrial engineering trade

Tool / hardware trade

Painter / handyman / building materials trade

Medical technology / dental technology trade

Office supplies / office technology / paper trade

Secure connection to the future:

With TRADEsprint, you’re not only up-to-date with the latest technical standards and requirements in your industry from the very outset; you can secure growth and expanding shares of the market for your trading company in the future too. TRADEsprint grows with you – thanks to intelligent interfaces for the best and most secure connection to the future:

  • 1. Integration of SAP solutions for corporate management, business intelligence, in-memory computing and cloud computing at any time
  • 3. Addition to the range of functions due to cormeta’s very own credit management add-ons 
  • 2. TRADEsprint is available on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets via the app

Functions for all core processes:

All the core processes at a glance at the touch of a button:

TRADEsprint is the comprehensive business solution that is integrated across all operating divisions. Its wide range of services supports both processes that are customary in the trade and customer-friendly handling. For absolute cost transparency, better positioning compared to the competition and healthy corporate growth:

Maximum planning reliability is guaranteed: With TRADEsprint, you ensure high product availability, ideal storage capacity and sound liquidity for your company – even when dealing with seasonal influences or supply bottlenecks on the market. You’ve got an overview of everything:

  • Sales and profit
  • Sales and seasonal material requirements, forecasting and optimization
  • Management reporting and liquidity

With central supplier and procurement management, you’ve got a permanent insight into current market developments. So you can procure all the relevant parts in a reliable and timely manner and in line with market requirements, and effectively harness any potential to make savings:

  • Procurement cockpit for simplified scheduling and procurement handling
  • Supplier evaluations and returns
  • Price maintenance tool

TRADEsprint maps all the supply chain and financial processes at the touch of a button. So you benefit from maximum transparency at all order processing levels – and from rapid responsiveness in sales, which satisfies your customers and makes them loyal to you in the long term:

  • Sales cockpit for order, counter and service handling
  • Inclusion of catalog systems with direct order generation
  • Individual, collective and immediate invoices

Check availabilities, order required parts from your suppliers in real time and provide your customers with advice that’s even more up-to-date and comprehensive than ever before. And to do that, simply integrate all the relevant parts catalogs via web services for a future-proof and time-saving way of processing customer orders:

  • Electronic data exchange
  • Web shop for B2B and B2C

Central assembly control, timely assembly suggestions: TRADEsprint makes it easier for you to create assemblies, sets and displays. Because you can permanently observe your flow of materials and values, and thus develop solutions that ideally satisfy your customers’ requirements:

  • Assembly, plus set and display creation
  • Costing
  • Variable BOM handling

Maximum performance for the “heart” of your company – distribution and warehouse logistics: Perfect the interaction between incoming goods, order-picking and outgoing goods with TRADEsprint, so that your goods arrive at your customers’ addresses even quicker and always on time:

  • Stock management at storage location level
  • Stock display and handling across all branches
  • Order-picking management due to scanner connection, pick by voice and pick by light

TRADEsprint paves the way for completely perfect shipping of your goods to your customers. From appropriate packaging and purposeful trip and route planning, to settlement with the shipping company, you’ve got all the goods shipment stations under control at all times:

  • Handling of hazardous goods and freight costs
  • Connection to the shipping company
  • Express service provider

TRADEsprint guarantees top quality along the entire line. Potential sources of error can be uncovered and avoided at every stage of the process. Causes of specific errors can be transparently tracked and – thanks to integrated complaints processing – quickly resolved even at customers’ premises:

  • Complaints
  • Batch and serial number management
  • Integrated QA in incoming goods departments

Only correct information leads to correct decisions. TRADEsprint provides you, your employees and banks with all the relevant information in a suitable form, so that you can strategically plan and safely build on your company’s positive development:


  • Ledger with balance sheet / P&L, IFRS, balance interest calculation, foreign currency valuation
  • Accounts receivable / accounts payable accounting with reminders, credit management, payment behavior, DSO
  • Bank and cash management with accounting transaction cockpit, cash flow, liquidity forecast


  • Profit center accounting
  • Imputed profitability analysis

Member of:

BRV – German Tire Retailer and Vulcanization Trade Association, Bonn

German Tire Retailer and Vulcanization Trade Association (BRV), active representative of tire, wheel and automotive servicing specialists in Germany. 


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